Are you are looking to build your dream home from scratch, build that bar, make more space for the kids, or make small repairs to your home? We can build it! Perhaps you’re just having a look around or want a no obligation quotation, we encourage you to read on and have a look around.

So, we’ve all seen or heard of ‘cowboy’ builders, had our fair share of long unexpected waits, and if you have been trying to find a builder you’ve probably encountered high price estimates or even quotations written on the back of old envelopes the like of which leave a feeling of distrust or lack of confidence. With Krebs Build our mission is to give you peace of mind from this moment to the end of your project.

Recently the Federation of Master Builders published statistics that concluded ‘cowboy’ builders cost the U.K. economy £40bn a year! So, no wonder choosing a builder can be a daunting task, especially if your property needs urgent repairs or it’s your life savings and dreams at stake. So we have taken steps to make sure, if you choose Krebs Build, you will have total confidence.


Firstly, we understand how frustrating long waiting times are. Quality builders are always going to be in high demand, and sat on the floor with your yellow pages in hand racking up the call minutes is something we feel should be no more. Our solution is our simple online calendar and booking system, designed with you in mind. Allowing you to check availability and book at your convenience.

An unprofessional quotation can lead to inflated estimates or even unforeseen costs during a build, in both cases, this can result in you forking out large sums of cash. We use expert software and Computer Aided Design tools along with our trained and experienced office team to build up a precise, competitive and clear estimate that we can send digital and physical copies of to you. So no more illegible; back of an envelope practice.

Let’s be honest no building project is 100% smooth if it’s not Mother Nature raining all over a prepared site it’ll be the ground or an old wall hiding something unpleasant. However, we are committed to making every stage as smooth as we possibly can.

How are we doing this?

Project management. Your project will be assigned a manager. They will be your main point of contact and will be working hard organising material deliveries, site teams and making sure deadlines are met.

Communication. A break down in Communication is the most common factor in client – builder relationships failing, often resulting in stopping works completely and more high costs or even court proceedings. We feel communication is imperative to a brilliant working relationship.

So, we have provided you with your own “Personal Phase Dashboard” It’s your one-stop shop for viewing updates regarding your project.

Once registered – all we need is your email address – you can log in and view our calendar, see who will be attending your site and what they will be doing, see your payment plan and remaining balance, access all your project related documents such as certificates, drawings and contracts. Most importantly see what phase your project is at with clear estimated completion dates. You can also talk to your Project Manager using our form.

Putting trust in someone is a personal journey and relationships are built on trust, to help with that journey we have listed our accreditors, such as FMB and our LABC Warranty partnership. We also vet all our affiliated workers and contractors to make sure we have the best teams working on your site.

Please contact us by phoning, emailing or filling out a contact form to get a free quotation or more information on our mission and team.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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